This is the wiki for the Pathfinder campaign “Chimes of the Exiled”, the story of a group of companions working together to bring down the oppressive Marashi Empire.

The party currently includes six members:

  • Lorik, a former slave who escaped his life as a minstrel in the royal court of the Marashi to spread revelry through the magic of his song.
  • Nerif, an oracle of the sun god Pelor who wants to find justice in a corrupt world.
  • Fred, Nerif’s sworn protector.
  • Durothil, a deadly slayer whose careful study of his foes allows him to cut them down while staying a whisper on the wind.
  • Dakvas, a priest of Korada as skilled with a bow as he is with empowering spells. *
  • Inukshuk, a dwarf with eldritch powers and no memories of his past.


The group has recently discovered a third Shixabban artifact in the Solaris temple and have been called to the island of Kythia by Abrack. He believes that this island houses the laboratory where the chimes can be used to help the Exiled return.