Lorik, the Wandering Traveller




Lorik is a flamboyant creature of the Fey Wild, whose goal of adventure is to write a ballad capable of stopping wars, moving mountains, and dropping panties. Taken as a child from his forest home, Lorik was brought to the Marashi Empire to serve as the court jester. Upon arriving, Lorik was put in exile unless called upon. It is in this small and dank room where he honed his silver tongue, becoming quick friends with his guards, and even lovers to some. This garnered special interest from one of the Shahs – Angkeranor – who did not like his slave interacting with the nobles of the court. Lorik was then sent to prove his worth in the fighting pits, where he would to do battle with other slaves and captives, including Nerif and the mysterious Nightcrawler.

Over the course of his journeys with his new blue friend, Lorik has found himself in many relationships and other sticky situations. Despite this, he continues to persuade all adversaries to avoid conflict, and instead find happiness through song and dance.

Lorik aspires to have his name recognised through the entire universe, and one day hopes to have a constellation named after him.


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