Tag: PC


  • Lorik

    Lorik is a flamboyant creature of the Fey Wild, whose goal of adventure is to write a ballad capable of stopping wars, moving mountains, and dropping panties. Taken as a child from his forest home, Lorik was brought to the Marashi Empire to serve as the …

  • Nerif

    Nerif's backstory is unknown to the party. He meets Mad Prophet, Lorik and Nightcrawler in the Colosseum before they escape in Blind Nos's portal.

  • Vesryn

    Not many know much about Vesryn's past. The people of Karaka know him only as the nomad who came into town half a year ago who sporadically leaves town for a few nights at a time. When's he's in town, he spends almost all his time alone meditating. Rumors …