Chimes of the Exiled

On Rough Waters

The Wandering Travellers have been called to the island of Kythia by Abrack, he believes that the laboratory where the chimes can be used is somewhere on the island. When they arrive, they find Marashi forces negotiating with the island’s Creosan defenders. They agree to a ceasefire for The Festival of Fishing, an agreement that the Marashi plan to break. In order to save the residents, the party heads to the town centre, where they meet the leader of the guard, Commander Hera, who tells them that while she wises to evacuate the island, the townspeople have been convinced to stay by Father Tadros, a priest of Pelor. After some carefully planned speeches, some of the townspeople agree to leave, while Tadros and some of the older citizens will stay as they believe that Pelor will punish the Marashi if they break the peace.

Tadros tells the group of a dark cave by the beach, where they might be able to find the lab and the answers they seek…


tavisp_hayes tavisp_hayes

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