Chimes of the Exiled

One Down...

After months of work finding the remaining chimes for Abrack, the Wandering Travellers meet him on the island of Kythia where he believes that the chimes can be used in order to return the Exiled. When the travellers arrive at the island they found that it was the front line in the war between Marash and Rotheed. The Marashi forces manage to take the island while the party is using the chimes in an underwater laboratory – although they did help the escape of most of the islanders. A creature bearing little resemblance to any worldly humanoid stepped through the portal and told the gathered observers that it was one of the Exiled, and that they had been warped during their time away. It told them that the Exiled had been observing the course of history from a separate dimension, and while they wanted to return to end the reign of the Rakshasa in Marash they were unable to without the help of the Wandering Travellers. Now that they are once again able to interact with the material world they have pledged to aid Abrack in his goal of giving ruler ship of the Marashi Empire to the people by ending the tyrannical reign of the Rakshasa. In order to do so, the Wandering Travellers first need to regain control of the island of Kythia. To attain this objective, they must deal with the three occupying companies: The Silver Panthers, The Gold Lions, and the 87th Slave Company. The Wandering Travellers have been promised by Major Das that the Slave Company will help Abrack. Negotiations with Captain Rao of the Silver Panthers did not go as well. Abrack has asked the group to advise him when they are ready to engage with the Marashi forces, and the Wandering Travellers will get their first taste of the battles to come in this war.


tavisp_hayes tavisp_hayes

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